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Rumors: Oakwood Heights, Walgreens, a new cidery

These are things that I’ve heard, though I’ve only been able to fact-check the one.

  • RUMOR: The Oakwood Heights project has recently been showing new life / FACT: ???
  • RUMOR: There will be a Walgreens coming in at 25th and Nine Mile / FACT: ???
  • RUMOR: A cidery is slated for the commercial space at the 25th Street Theater. / FACT: Josh Bilder said last week that nothing has been lined up for that spot yet.

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Lots being cleared at Oakwood Heights parcels ‹ CHPN 10/09/2014 at 2:41 PM

[…] hearing rumors earlier this year that the much protested Oakwood Heights project was showing new life, Thea has video today of trees […]


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