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Council to consider $50,000 to study Shockoe/Boulevard

Among the 52 budget-heavy items on the agenda for the Monday, April 14 Formal Meeting of City Council (PDF) is #9 Ord. No. 2014-77. (PDF)

This ordinance would “appropriate $50,000 to the City Council agency […] to procure a consulting firm to aid it in evaluating negotiated proposals for the “Revitalize RVA” project” (aka the Mayor’s proposed Shockoe/Boulevard development project).

An article by Graham Moomaw in Tuesday’s RTD has more on the current status of the process:

Timing may be the most critical factor, because Mayor Dwight C. Jones still has not presented a final plan to the council, though his administration is hoping to do so at the April 14 council meeting.

The council is considering spending up to $50,000 on consulting, a limit chosen because anything higher would trigger a longer, in-depth procurement process, according to City Attorney Allen L. Jackson.

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