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More than 30 properties facing seizure for delinquent taxes

The classifieds section of the April 3-5 issue of the Richmond Free Press includes notice that a number of properties in the city are facing seizure due to nonpayment of taxes.

Thirty-seven of the listed properties are in the East End, and at least a handful of those are Stacey Martin/Donald Lacey houses.

Notice Judicial Sale of Real Property

Owner/s of the below listed properties are hereby given Notice that thirty (30) days from the date of this notice, proceedings will be commenced under the authority of Section 58.1-3965 et seq. of the Code of Virginia to sell the following parcels located in the City of Richmond, Virginia for payment of delinquent taxes:

1204 North 21st Street
1316 North 21st Street
1110 North 22nd Street
1207 North 22nd Street
1320 North 22nd Street
1322 North 22nd Street
1526 North 22nd Street
1607 North 23rd Street
1802 North 23rd Street
1813 North 23rd Street
807 North 24th Street
1122 North 24th Street
1207 North 24th Street
1218 North 24th Street
1708 North 24th Street
514 North 26th Street
1309 North 27th Street
1313 North 27th Street
1320 North 27th Street
1333 North 27th Street
1418 North 27th Street
1614 North 28th Street
1630 North 28th Street
1217 North 29th Street
1710 North 29th Street
1718 North 29th Street
1722 North 29th Street
630 North 30th Street
1422 North 30th Street
1016 North 32nd Street
1204 North 32nd Street
1210 North 32nd Street
417 North 33rd Street
908 North 33rd Street
1107 North 35th Street
1111 North 35th Street
1517 North 35th Street
805 Chimborazo Boulevard
919 Chimborazo Boulevard
2206 Fairmount Avenue
1405 Mechanicsville Turnpike
3108 P Street
3000 Q Street
3013 Q Street
3101 Q Street
3415 S Street
3312 Tuxedo Boulevard
2015 Venable Street


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