Burglaries up in Sector 113

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Lt.Blackwell’s Sector 113 report for April (PDF) is now available for all points north of Carrington and Nine Mile.

We are still experiencing an increase in property crime. As usual, page two provides a brief overview of the crime that we have experienced for the year. I am very pleased at the reduction in violent crime results, which reflect the outstanding efforts of the troops and the community.

There are no identifiable trends pertaining to the property crimes. The majority are crimes of opportunity facilitated by property owners not securing their items properly, specifically when it comes to residential burglaries. We have experienced 21 burglaries this year compared to 12 last year at this time. Please take the time to review the crime prevention tips and share them with a neighbor and a friend.


Below are the crime stats for the First Quarter / Year 2014:

MAJOR CRIMES January 1, 2014 – March 30, 2014

Violent Crime (2014 compared to 2013)
2013: 41
2014: 20
Result: 51% Decrease

Property Crime: (2014 compared to 2013)
2013: 96
2014: 111
Result: 16% Increase

TOTAL CRIME MAJOR CRIME (2013 compared to 2012)
2013: 137
2014: 131
Result: 4% Decrease

A spotcheck on shows that the burglaries mentioned above are occurring throughout Sector 113, with 5 in Whitcomb, 1 in Woodville, 2 in Mosby, 2 in Peter Paul, 1 in Brauers, 2 in Fairmount. There are none reported for Creighton or Eastview.

For some perspective: in the adjacent Sector 111, Union Hill saw 4 burglaries, Church Hill North had 3, Chimborazo had 3, Oakwood had 4, and Church Hill had 1.



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