Mosha’s (1965)

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A story about Mosha’s from 100 word minimum from back in 2006:

For the first year I was living back in Richmond, I didn’t have a car. When I wanted to visit friends up in DC, I took the Groome shuttle from the Holiday Inn on Staples Mill up to National Airport (and from there, the metro). There was one stop, at a hotel in Fredericksburg, to pick up or drop off a few passengers and let the drivers take a break.

Once over the break, one of the drivers started talking to me. He was a white man, probably in his early seventies (and this happened back in 1993). He asked me where I was from and when I told him I lived in Church Hill, he said, “Oh! You know that place on Broad, the building with the sign Mosha’s? That used to be a grocery store and the first job I ever had was delivering groceries for them by bicycle.”

So that’s the Mosha’s story. Maybe not so exciting, but it’s interesting for me. It used to be when I told people I lived in Church Hill, I’d get the “Oh, that horrible! dangerous! neighborhood!” reaction (usually from people who’d never set foot here), but occasionally someone would have a story to tell me.

PHOTO from the Richmond Esthetic Survey at the Library of Virginia circa 1965




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