Bones at Evergreen Cemetery

02/02/2014 11:07 AM by

From reddit/r/rva:

My wife and I were driving around, exploring the area and just stumbled on the Four Cemeteries at Evergreen, super neat place to drive-through if you’re bored. If I ever saw this place in a movie I’d think, “Real cemeteries never look like that!” before today. The odd 45 degree angled graves poking out from behind trees and wrapped in dried vines, the old and mangled rusted iron fence sections scattered all about, it’s as though it were by design.

While we were scouting around, we found something a little more creepy than expected, a pile of bones in front of a grave!

I’m sure they were just deer bones, and the poor site is just covered with dumped trash by local idiots, so some hunter or kids probably thought it would be funny to dump these here, but it makes for some neat imagery and lets the imagination wander… death cult uprising in Richmond/Henrico, anyone? Or maybe this is some weird tribute ritual that I’m unaware of, any thoughts?

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