Phaup Street Journal: curated apparel inspired by cycling

11/25/2013 9:21 AM by

Richmond Cycling Corps has started a line of “curated apparel inspired by cycling”, handmade in Richmond and named after one of the city’s most notorious streets:

[…] several folks asked “Where in Richmond is Phaup Street?” It’s a simple question, but when you know where Phaup Street is, the question then becomes, ‘Why name a brand Phaup St.?’

In 2010, Richmond Cycling Corps began working with a cadre of inner-city youth from Fairfield Court. Over the past four years, the program has grown and so have the accomplishments. Ride after ride, week after week, month after month, the RCC youth evoke inspiration, passion, and a richness of the human spirit. Such accomplishments within the backdrop of one of Richmond’s roughest public housing neighborhoods naturally creates stories. As a collective, these stories have created a journal.

Almost every ride, since RCC’s inception, has started and finished on a small road that runs through the middle of public housing in Richmond’s east-end. This road, unfamiliar in name, and out of sight to most in Richmond, is called Phaup Street. It seemed only natural for us to pay homage to the extraordinary, and unlikely succession of accounts that have occurred from this eight-block long piece of tarmac.

Stop by the Richmond Bicycle Studio and check out what all they offer.



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