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Chimborazo is off to a great start this year

An update from Chimborazo Elementary by Catherine Illian:

Our two new IB Coordinators are Kindergarten teacher Ms. Molly Bohman and Exceptional Ed. teacher Mrs Sirez McCoy. They are helping our teachers create learning units across disciplines and incorporate inquiry based experiences into all aspects of their teaching. Students are engaged and inquiring!

Kindergarten students can be overheard discussing their latest hypothesis as they explore the playground. Fourth grade students look forward to mornings when they see a portion of a photograph and use their thinking skills to predict what the whole image may be. Third graders enjoy developing their own science experiments and put their research skills to the test. First grade students relish the opportunity to use their communication skills as they role play conflict resolution scenarios. Our students are leading their learning through inquiry-based experiences.


Pre-K is learning what it means to be part of a community.

Kindergartners are learning about our relationships and responsibilities to determine how we fit into our communities.

1st grade is learning about responsibility as they explore how the past has impacted the present.

2nd grade is learning how beliefs and values shape societies.

3rd grade’s current unit is about gaining perspective of individual viewpoints through studying the change and growth of communities.

4th grade is re-enacting history to understand how explorers and inhabitants struggled to “Share the Planet”

5th grade is learning about “How the World Works” through and exploration of matter, sound, and scientific investigation.


Jazz on the Hill on September 6th at 29th and Marshall was a smashing success and all who attended loved the awesome live music including Ban Caribe. We raised over $2,000 for Chimborazo’s IB Program thanks to Rev. Marilyn Heckstall of Asbury United Methodist Church. Look for Jazz on the Hill in September next year!


How YOU can help!

  1. Join the PTA. $5 per person. Forms can be found at Chimborazo Elementary School 3000 East Marshall Street, Richmond, Va 23223.
  2. Donate. Help our teachers with projects and supplies! Check out the Donors Choose Chimborazo Page here. We currently have one project from Miss Campbell’s Kindergarten class. Look for more projects in the upcoming weeks!
  3. Volunteer. Chimborazo needs volunteers in many areas! Kindergarten and first grade teachers need classroom helpers one day a week from 9-12. We also need helpers in art and many other opportunities!

Please email Charles Meadows at for more information.

Check our IB PYP Learner Profile. All students and teachers are exploring what it means to be a learner. Our coordinators Ms. Molly Bohman and Ms. Sirez McCoy created this awesome info-graphic to explain what kinds of learners we want to be at Chimborazo.


Corey Widmer 10/14/2013 at 8:11 PM

Love this photo! That’s my daughter Anna’s steamboat on the front right (happy to brag…).


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