Jefferson Park “scalped ” by City mowing crew

10/01/2013 10:57 AM by

Sent in by Park Neighbor:

Just as referenced in the 8/24 CHPN posting by a Chimborazo Park neighbor, the careless City mowing crew has struck again. I posted a comment in that thread that Jefferson Park had also been “scalped”, leaving the grass so low it turned brown immediately after. In many places, if you lay your hand flat on the ground, the grass is only just higher than the top of it.

Yesterday, as I have done *MANY* times in the past, I very politely spoke with the gentleman operating the mowing “tractor”. I explained (again) that they were cutting the grass far, far too short. I told him of the chipped/scraped sidewalk edges, and of damage to Park trees and etc. Although he *seemed* to acquiesce & understand, he never raised his blades; proceeding to add insult to injury by chopping the lawn yet again.

Ironically enough, I drove past a City mowing crew adjusting &/or repairing the blades on an identical mowing tractor. Could it be they’d damaged the blades by letting them literally scrape the ground ??!





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