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Ardent moving from Jefferson Avenue to Scott’s Addition

Ardent Craft Ales announced today that they will be opening a full-scale production brewery in Scott’s Addition in early spring 2014. For the past three years, Ardent partners Kevin O’Leary, Tom Sullivan, and Paul Karns have brewed weekly on a professional pilot brewing system in a garage on Jefferson Avenue.

Ardent recently signed a lease on a warehouse at 3200 West Leigh Street in Scott’s Addition. Built in 1940, the property offers approximately 7,200 sq ft. of production space, 1,700 sq ft of taproom and retail space, and onsite parking. They will retain the historic integrity of the property while doing substantial renovations to house a 15-barrel brewing system. The brewery plans to service Richmond restaurant and retail draft accounts, and an on-site family-friendly taproom.

Kevin O’Leary will be the Head Brewer. He was Assistant Brewer at Cambridge Brewing Company in Boston for five years, where he developed his own recipes and assisted in the brewing of several award-winning beers. Tom Sullivan will be Operations Manager. He has been an Operations Manager at Fareva Richmond (formerly Pfizer) for eight years and has studied at the Siebel Institute of Brewing Technology. Paul Karns will be Marketing Director and Sales Manager. He has worked in a variety of design and strategy roles at advertising and marketing firms in New York and Richmond. In addition, he founded the grassroots home-brewing co-op that became Ardent.

Neighbor Evrim Dogu of Sub Rosa Bakery says, “For years, I have been inspired by Ardent’s work and vision. Similar to Sub Rosa’s own humble beginnings, Ardent’s brewers show that if you truly want to taste it, you’ll go through anything to make it. Their mission is clear: to make the best possible beer and to share that beer with others… They bring their knowledge, passion, and connection to the community seamlessly together in their craft.”

For further information, please contact Paul Karns at 804-363-2105 or, visit the Twitter feed (@ArdentCraftAles), or check us out at


Thornley 09/06/2013 at 12:43 PM

!!!Congrat’s ARDENT!!!
I will really miss walking past their SuperMicro-Brewery and hearing about the recent concoctions. These guys are Brew Brainiacs, and with their youth and passion will be one of RVA’s next Big F’n Deals. At a house warming party a while back, I had the distinct pleasure of trying three of their beers. One of them was a “Ginger Beer’, which knocked my socks off. The other two I’m afraid I’d misname if I tried, but were also flat out incredible. Just listening to them describing their processes, and the idea’s for future Hoptacular brews convinced me immediately these guys were sure to be successful.
Can’t wait to visit the new location, and EVEN MORE see their bottles on the store shelves.

Trish 09/06/2013 at 6:07 PM

There’s a lot of cool stuff going on in Scott’s Addition, congrats to Ardent for their growth and expansion.

JessOfRVA 09/09/2013 at 9:17 AM

I will definitely miss walking by and seeing the guys hard at work, but I’m so happy for their brewery’s growth!

Good job, guys!


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