Majority of Church Hill Association Board resign positions, membership

08/11/2013 9:09 PM by

The majority of the Church Hill Association Board resigned today:

Dear Church Hill Association Members:

We, the undersigned, do hereby resign from our official Church Hill Association Board positions and membership effective immediately.

It is with great pain and regret that we have reached this decision. After extensive thought and consideration of all options before us, our collective decision is to resign. This outcome is the result of several factors. Many of us have personal and professional obligations which do not permit us enough time to address the needs and requests of the membership in a timely manner. Most importantly however, we all have chosen to resign in response to the elevated vitriol and animosity occurring within our community over topics the CHA has recently addressed. We hope our mass resignation will serve as a message that we will not tolerate such activities and no longer desire to be linked to any of this ongoing, immature, and malicious negativity. It truly is a shame that the few rotten apples among us have spoiled the whole bunch. The gamesmanship of a few members has undermined the integrity of the association as a whole. Indeed, the definition of “association” has been tested, and it does not conform. While we care about the association and wish it well, at present we are no longer comfortable putting our names behind such an organization.

Jim Beckner
David Conmy
Trish Dome
Justin Doyle
Karen Misbach
Tayne Renmark
Erik Rupinski
Logan Vetrovec



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