Properties facing sale for delinquent taxes

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The classifieds section of the May 23-15 issue of the Richmond Free Press includes notice than a number of properties in the city are facing seizure due to nonpayment of taxes, including almost 70 in the area:

Notice Judicial Sale of Real Property

Owner/s of the below listed properties are hereby given Notice that thirty (30) days from the date of this notice, proceedings will be commenced under the authority of Section 58.1-3965 et seq. of the Code of Virginia to sell the following parcels located in the City of Richmond, Virginia for payment of delinquent taxes:

3008 1st Avenue
2716 Alexander Avenue N000-1058/004 S008-0844/049
2108 2nd Avenue
1923 Bainbridge Street N000-0556/005 S000-0297/026
3103 2nd Avenue
2112 Barton Avenue N000-0991/015 N000-0449/002
1913 3rd Avenue
1801 Bath Street East N000-0504/014 N000-0945/025
7 West 20th Street
211 West Brookland Park Boulevard S000-0295/030 N000-0887/032
1710 North 21st Street
2419 Carrington Street E000-0936/009 E000-0471/011
1319 North 22nd Street
1608 West Cary Street E000-0616/024 W000-0658/028
418 North 23rd Street
1427 West Clay Street E000-0257/003 N000-0615/001
1100 North 23rd Street
112 South Colonial Avenue E000-0516/012 W000-1281/019
824 North 24th Street
3718 Edgewood Avenue E000-0378/003 N000-1753/014
821 North 25th Street
3159 Decatur Street a/k/a
2501 O Street S000-2001/014 E000-0380/040
3718 Edgewood Avenue
902 North 25th Street N000-1753/014 E000-0429/010
2207 Edwards Avenue
1114 North 26th Street W000-0460/008 E000-0519/006
2319 Fairmount Avenue
1207 North 27th Street E000-0559/011 E000-0563/021
2214 Ford Avenue
509 North 28th Street E000-0756/003 E000-0528/025
2916 Garland Avenue
511 North 30th Street N000-0889/011 E000-0633/024
3806 Glenwood Avenue
615 North 30th Street E000-1663/028 E000-0632/035
6421 C Glyndon Lane
1118 North 30th Street C004-0945/020 E000-0568/008
1015 West Graham Road
1320 North 31st Street N000-0629/045 E000-0625/003
2800 Hopkins Road
1215 North 32nd Street C009-0606/010 E000-0802/019
1304 Hull Street
1220 North 33rd Street S000-0118/009 E000-0802/001
3108 Q Street
1812 Maddox Street E000-0722/021 E012-0252/020
2013 Rear Carroll Street
3112 East Marshall Street E012-0230/013 E000-0730/014
4211 Rear Pettus Road
3413 East Marshall Street C008-0510/075 E000-0974/007
1616 Rogers Street
3205 Midlothian Turnpike E000-1234/013 S000-1876/014
3301 Rosewood Avenue
318 Mitchell Street W000-1505/018 N000-0223/034
2024 Sledd Street
1270 Moore Street N000-0530/001 N000-0619/084
1420 Spotsylvania Street
3070 Nine Mile Road E000-0606/001 E000-0953/025
521 St James Street
620 Overbrook Road N000-0078/042 N000-0594/020
3125 Veranda Avenue
1613 Overlook Street N000-1054/001 S007-1379/020
2616 Whitcomb Street
3312 P Street E012-0171/006 E000-0878/014
2618 Whitcomb Street
3203 P Street E012-0171/007 E000-0805/002
2620 Whitcomb Street
2122 Parkwood Avenue E012-0171/008 W000-0940/027
2910 Woodcliff Avenue
2712 Alexander Avenue N000-0915/016 S008-0844/048

The owner/s of any property listed may redeem it at any time before the date of the sale by paying all accumulated taxes, penalties, interest and cost thereon, including the pro rata cost of publication hereunder. Bonnie M. Ashley, Esquire Gregory A. Lukanuski, Esquire Office of the City Attorney City of Richmond 900 East Broad Street, Room 300 Richmond, Virginia (804) 646-7940



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