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Pear Street Project presentation expected to draw a crowd to tonight’s CHA meeting

A message from Tom Layman, The River View Advocates:

Please turn out in force to listen to the developers, David White / Lou Salomonsky, present their final proposal to the CHA for their condo development at Main and Pear St. He has presented initial proposals to the CHA Zoning Committee in March and the meeting minutes should be available this evening on Looking down from the Soldiers and Sailors Monument the building plot is the open land to the right of the Shiplock Watch apartments, and the plans place the building at the bottom of the plot where Cary Street ends. Waite Rawls has kindly given us the latest schematic of the proposed building for distribution around the community. It is attached. The proposed building height from Cary Street is now 158 ft, so it is 7 ft lower than the very top of the cone of the water tower, roughly three times the height of the Shiplock Watch apartments and 1.8 times the height of “Connecticut.” David White is presenting his proposal [TONIGHT], the 16th April in St John’s Church Hall starting at 7.00pm I do not know if the membership will call for a vote but to be on the safe side if you have not renewed your membership and wish to vote you must renew now at: it’s a $25 investment and the rewards are excellent ! Also attached are two memo’s which summarize two contrasting views:
  1. Stewart’s – which represents the perspective of those of us who wish to maintain a continuity (height wise) with the buildings in the immediate vicinity and
  2. Waite’s – which gives a different perspective and one which we need to understand.
Please turn up at the membership meeting next Tuesday. Tom Layman The River View Advocates
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Pear and Main Streets
Pear and Main Streets

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Adam M.


chpn 04/16/2013 at 8:51 AM

Agenda for tonight’s meeting per the CHA:

This Tuesday, 16th April. 7.00pm at St. John’s Church Hall

Welcome and approval of Agenda

Approval of March minutes

Police update: Lt. Daniel Minton

Vote to appoint replacement director at large:
Nominations: Karen Jones + anyone from the floor

Committee reports:
* Treasury
* Membership, proposed new signing in procedure, clarification of vote eligibility
* Zoning: Vote on amendments to the current SUP’s for The Lava Lofts and Captain Buzzy’s

New Business:
* Presentation:David White, Condominium development at Pear and Main Street

Old business:
*The holiday House Tour Committee – Guideline discussion
* Newsletter update – April edition, Ad. coordinator,

New business:
* Notification of three Board Expenditures:
* Plein Air Richmond – Guest artist accommodation.

Other items and general discussion


Alex 04/16/2013 at 2:05 PM

Are the memos that are referenced going to be posted at some point?

This looks like more “a-hole architecture” which seems to be quite the fashion with new buildings lately.

Step 1. Find a scenic view that is currently shared by the public.
Step 2. Plop the biggest possible building in the middle of it and make sure to hog the whole view so nobody but your residents can see it.
Step 3. Profit!

Bonus points if your building is blindingly ugly…

Chrichilllover 04/19/2013 at 8:10 AM

The presentation was blatenly misleading. All but one of the photos showed the building as seen from the monument as if the rest of the park did not exist. They spent a great deal of time talking about “preserving” the view . Why then did they face their project in the opposite direction, so they need all that height to see the view. The project was pronounced a gateway to the city but you can’t drive through it as it is the end of Cary ST. So much of what they said just didn’t even approach reasonable.

jean mcdaniel 04/19/2013 at 10:10 AM

John, could you please merge this with the other “Pear Street Project” so that this conversation is combined?


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