Locked In NOT Locked Out Kick-a-Thon next Sunday

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This fundraiser is for a documentary about how a Father-Daughter dance went to jail, revealed a common thread, and started a revolution.


2405 Jefferson Avenue

There’s a new documentary in the works about fatherhood, but it’s a story that has likely never been told. It centers on a father-daughter dance, believed to be the first of its kind held behind bars in a city jail! The working title: “Locked In NOT Locked Out.”

One day, Angela Patton, Founder and Director of CAMP DIVA, a Richmond, Virginia-based non-profit program that provides opportunities for teen girls of African descent to prepare themselves for their passage into womanhood, was talking to a group of girls in the camp about their relationships with their fathers. It quickly became evident that these girls needed a way to connect with their fathers, a way to invite their fathers into their lives. The girls came up with the idea of a dance. Then, they realized there were girls both inside and outside of the camp who were unable to attend the annual dance with their fathers, either because their fathers were absent, deceased, or incarcerated.

So the girls came up with solutions, like having male family members, father-figures, and other male figures stand in for the absent or deceased dads. But when it came to the girls with incarcerated fathers, they thought of another solution…to bring the dance into the jail! “Locked In NOT Locked Out” will tell the story of how these dances began, and follow the stories after the dances…following incarcerated fathers, as well as fathers who are not incarcerated.

In order to make this documentary the right way, Patton and her CAMP DIVA Board Members have to pay what the going price is for award-winning filmmaker, Patrick Gregory, and his team, to be able to spend time doing the job. The filmmaking team has 30 years of filmmaking experience between them, and the professionals that area part of it have worked all over the world. If Patton reaches her fundraising goal, they will be able to start shooting on schedule. If they exceed the goal, they will be able to continue to shoot even longer. Patton and her board members hope this documentary will inspire others to take action and promote family strengthening in their communities, most specifically between fathers and daughters.

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