Sector 111 Report for April

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Lt.Minton’s Sector 111 April report (PDF) is now available. Sector 111 encompasses Church Hill, Chimborazo, Church Hill North, Fulton, Oakwood, and Union Hill:

Violent crime in March went from 2 to 5 compared to last year. There were 2 individual robberies. One of these robberies occurred in the 1500 block of Jennie Scher while the other occurred in Chimborazo Park (See page 3 for helpful Robbery Prevention Suggestions). We are still seeking information in these two robberies to make an arrest. We had two Aggravated Assaults and an Aggravated Domestic Assault this past month. These all have been cleared by arrest.

Property crime in March went from 51 last year to 40 this year, a reduction of -22%. Burglaries were down -38%. Larcenies in general were down –26%. We have seen increases in two property crimes categories this past month. The first category is Theft of Motor Vehicle Parts. Thieves have been stealing license plates and on two occasions tires have been stolen from vehicles. The other increase is Motor Vehicle Theft. We went from 4 to 5 in this category. I can’t stress enough to citizens to not leave their cars running unattended. This happened 3 times this past month in sector 111. One of the greatest successes we had this past month was the reduction in Theft from Motor Vehicles. We enjoyed a decrease of –86%. We went from 14 to 2 in this category. Lets keep up the good work! Our part of this success is constant patrol in effected areas and you, the citizen, help us combat this by keeping cars locked and by keeping your valuables inside your residence. If you see questionable people in your neigh- borhood continue to call us to come out and check them out. In addition If there is questionable activity in your neighborhood don’t hesitate to call. Overall crime was down –15% for the month.

Lets talk about some other good news! Officer Drago and Reese were on patrol when they spotted a wanted party driving in Church Hill North. They stopped the vehicle to make the arrest. During the course of the arrest they recovered crack cocaine and marijuana. This lead to a search warrant of his residence which lead to the seizure of a 45 cali- ber handgun and more illegal drugs. This individual was charged with multiple felonies and is looking at substantial jail time. Later on in the month Officer Drago was working on cleaning up Church Hill North when he arrested another drug dealer for Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute. This dealer had been operating for an extended period of time and is a welcome removal from sector 111. As always thank you for the hard work you, the citizens, contribute to helping us make sector 111 a safer place to live and work!



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