Why is the city paying extra to get get sidewalks repaired on the weekend?

03/03/2013 12:32 PM by

It’s kind of awesome to get new sidewalks, but neighbors wonder why the city is doing the work at overtime wages:

The past three or four weekends we’ve observed City crews replacing the sidewalks that border the Masonic Lodge at 25th and Leigh. It’s involved a decent-sized crew (maybe eight guys), three or four dump trucks, and a mini-bulldozer. The majority of the time, a couple guys are doing the work, while the remaining crew just stand around and observe. […]

As curious tax payers, we’re wondering what’s going on. Wondering why city workers are being paid time and half wages (and yes, they did admit to this when asked) for non-urgent work that could be done during the week. […]






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