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11/30/2012 1:22 PM by

In response to a recent burglary in Union Hill, I was contacted asking if there was an uptick of this type of thing in the area. I emailed Lt. Daniel Minton of Sector 111, who says that burglaries are down this year compared to last year:

In sector 111, we had 23 burglaries from 10/1/2011 to 11/29/2011 that same time period this year we have had 17.

If you want to keep up on what is going on in the area, the monthly Sector 111 and Sector 113 reports usually have an overview of trends and data comparing both the recent month and the same time last year, as well as cumulative yearly numbers.

If you’d like to see more of the raw info, the official RPD data can be viewed at the RPD Crime Incident Information Center. You can search by crime type, neighborhood, date, and more. This is not updated immediately, but is a good resource for knowing what is being reported around you. The RPD also puts out the Daily Crime Report, which provides a rundown of items from the previous day or recent days.

Another way to get a look at the incidents in an area is Daniel Farrell’s Richmond Crime. This unofficial mapping of the RPD data lets you search by address, but also has more lag time before incidents are displayed.



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