At the center of the next election…

08/02/2012 9:59 AM by

NPR’s All Things Considered visits Church Hill in looking at Virginia’s role as a swing state in the upcoming presidential election.

From NPR News, this is ALL THINGS CONSIDERED. I’m Audie Cornish. President Obama is campaigning in three swing states this week: today Ohio; tomorrow Florida and Virginia. Ohio and Florida have long been in that swing state category, but for decades Virginia was dependably Republican until Obama won the state in 2008. NPR’s Scott Horsley met some of the foot soldiers in this new political battleground.


SCOTT HORSLEY, BYLINE: It’s a blazing hot afternoon in Richmond, Virginia’s, Church Hill neighborhood, a racially-mixed community of older homes, some freshly renovated, others in need of repair. Tyler Brown holds a clipboard in one hand as he wipes a sweaty palm on his shorts.



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