Know your Church Hill markets…

06/10/2012 8:58 AM by

The one-of-a-kind One Way Richmond has put together a fairly comprehensive and somewhat fanciful look a corner stores in the area:

Fatduck’s is by far the granddaddy of them all. Numero uno, folks. I feel the greatest market in Richmond history. There are thousands of stories in the Oakwood neighborhood of Northeast Church Hill, and I want to hear every one of them. The core of these yarns begin right there at 1503 N. 35th St. Home of an absolute Richmond institution, Fatduck’s Grocery. You cannot consider yourself a Richmond, Virginian unless you have been to Fatduck’s. Fatduck’s reminds me of a country store one might find in Highland County, Virginia, but it’s right there in Oakwood. As you go in the store, you feel nostalgia pour all over you. Yes, the place has empty shelves, but chips and malt Liquor for everybody.

When inside I asked the lady for Marlboro Lights, she said, no Marlboros, just menthols. It was kind of like that famous Saturday Night Live skit, where all the entire diner had was Cheeseburgers and Pepsi. Except, at Fatduck’s, it was Malt Liquor and Menthols. If Kool’s are your thing, then by all means visit this taste of heaven. Hey, I think there was candy for the neighborhood kids, so the summer looks bright for Oakwood residents under 14. Seriously Richmond, see this tiny market, visit this tiny market because it is a giant among the big boxes that we as a backwards American society seem to so treasure.




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