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The Best Side of Richmond

05/22/2012 8:10 PM by

Style Weekly’s “Best of Richmond 2012” issue hits the streets tomorrow and includes my list of why the East End is the best side of Richmond.

1. The sense of community. We’ve got everything from folks who have lived in the same houses for 50 years to new homeowners, hood rats, grandmas, couples, students, artists, musicians, and even a handful of anarchists and Republicans.

2. Nowhere is Richmond more beautiful than from Jefferson Park (unless it’s Libby Hill or Chimborazo).

3. We might not have as many restaurants as other parts of the city, but what we do have is best in class.

4. There is a palpable sense of history — and thus of the possibilities of the future.

5. The East End is raggedy like nowhere else in RVA. New Year’s is like the Old West. Life in most of the East End is not sheltered, and you gotta love it.



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