This is not Church Hill (an open letter to the RVA media)

01/07/2012 12:13 PM by

Dear TV folks (more than anyone) –

There are many neighborhoods in the East End of Richmond, of which Church Hill is only one. When something happens the area, please try to identify the neighborhood accurately. This is a diverse community with many different neighborhoods. Each have a related but different history, and related but different challenges. It’s kind of important to get it right.

Today, Yvette Yeon of nbc12 writes about a “3-year-old boy shot in his Church Hill home”. The shooting took place over a mile away from Church Hill. This misidentification happens all the time. That double homicide on Christmas Eve? Happened in Chimborazo. As a commenter alluded to here on CHPN, you don’t call West Leigh Street or Idlewood Avenue the Fan. Check your facts, please.

Try this, it’s fun! Go to the city’s Parcel Mapper and type in an address. Click on the marker for that address and open the info window. Click the tab for “Planning” and look where it says “City Neighborhood Name”. Bingo!




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