Tickets for not moving cars for street cleaning that doesn’t happen

01/07/2011 7:58 AM by

A reader writes in looking for some clarification on street cleaning and ticketing…

There are signs on 25th that tell you that you can’t park on certain mornings for street cleaning.

When we first moved here, we religiously moved our cars each night to the appropriate side of the street. We never got a ticket on those nights we forgot and street cleaning rarely happened. When it did occur, it was late at night, often between midnight and 2am (NOT the designated time we were made to move our cars.)

So, after realizing about a year in that no one was ticketing we stopped moving the cars.

Then 3.5 years later, this past summer, we see a meter person ticketing out front. He tells us a neighbor called to complain about the streets never getting cleaned. We got a ticket. We were able to get out of it, but have been moving the cars back and forth again ever since.

If you have read this far, hold on. I’m almost to the point.

Well, this morning at 7:15, they were out ticketing again, on 25th I saw them, right across from Que Pasa.

Problem is, they never cleaned the streets yesterday (or any day in recent months) and didn’t come today to clean either. Seems wrong to be driving through ticketing but not actually cleaning.

Thought you might have a way to contact someone or give me some insight in who to approach with this.

Here are some pics from 4:30 pm on Tuesday (today) after multiple people got tickets but no clean streets.

and this is what was “cleaned” yesterday at 7:15 this morning



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