Thieves steal banjo uke, guitar, synth

09/21/2010 5:59 PM by

Craigslist has word on a break-in last night at 32nd and Leigh Street and some stolen instruments:

Hi there, last night (9/20) our home was broken into and some instruments were stolen. If you see any of the below please contact me via e-mail or 804 591 3757, if they were sold to you we will work it out and I’ll gladly offer a reward to anyone who can help locate them.

HOHNER BANJO UKE – This is a ONE OF A KIND banjo ukulele (ukulele size, banjo body style) that was a prototype made by the Hohner company. Since this is the only one it will be a dead give away to anyone playing/selling/buying it. It looks like a tiny banjo with “Hohner” on the headstock.

AKAI MINIAK SYNTH – This is a small (32 key or so) Akai synth. It was stolen without it’s power supply or the vocoder attachment so that should also be a give away. I have the original receipt it was purchased less than a month ago (I have the receipts for all of these).

HOHNER PARLOR GUITAR – This is a smaller body guitar with HOHNER on the headstock, its part of their “Essential Series” and has a matte wood finish.

If you see any of these instruments, purchase them from a shady person, or anything PLEASE PLEASE get in touch. Other musicians, including myself, would do the same for you. Let’s show these thugs that they can’t get away with this in this city!



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