VDOE releases AYP numbers for 2010-2011

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The Virginia Department of education has announced that 5 of the 8 neighborhoods schools (62%) made Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) towards the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) objectives during 2009-2010. Both Armstrong HS and MLK MS missed the target for the 2nd year, and were joined this year by the Franklin Military Academy. Statewide, 60% of schools made AYP, while 28 of 47 (59%) Richmond schools open last year made the mark.

The percentage of schools attaining the ever-increasing standards needed to make AYP are down this year from 71% of schools statewide and 78% across the city last year. This drop was not entirely unexpected.

THe RTD is reporting that all of the local districts saw a drop:

In the metro Richmond area, Hanover, Chesterfield, Henrico, Petersburg and Richmond saw declines in their scores.
—Hanover: 19 of 23 schools made AYP this year compared to 21 of 23 last year
—Chesterfield: 36 of 61 made AYP this year, compared to 49 of 63 last year
—Henrico: 36 of 67 made AYP this year, compared to 52 of 67 last year
—Richmond: 28 of 45 made AYP this year, compared to 35 of 47 last year
—Petersburg: 0 of 7 made AYP this year, compared to 4 of 7 last year

For a school or school division to make AYP under the federal education law, it must meet or exceed a series of requirements and objectives. A school or school division that falls short on a single requirement or objective is not considered to have made AYP.

Meeting AYP is different than being accredited by the state. Accreditation is based on meeting testing requirements that are standard across the state and set by the Virginia Department of Education. AYP is a piece of the 2001 No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB).

1) View the 2010-11 AYP status for the East End schools

2) View the 2010-11 AYP status for all RPS schools (PDF)

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