Theft on 24th Street

07/23/2010 9:39 AM by

A reader writes in with a heads-up:

Friday night, my husband C. was home alone. Around 11pm, an African-American teenager knocked on our door. C. looked out through the peephole, didn’t recognize the teen, and decided not to open the door. The teen walked back and forth on our porch, trying to look into our windows, but our curtains were drawn. He knocked again. When C. made a little noise, the teen RAN off of our porch and through the front gate.

Monday, C. was at work, and I was home. I left from about 9:30am-noon to pick blueberries in Chesterfield. While I was gone, someone stole 3 chairs off of our back porch, which faces Leigh in a pretty busy intersection. I spoke to my next door neighbor this morning, and she said a number of our neighbors have had things stolen off of their porches in recent weeks. Detective Layne told me the same thing when he completed my report.

I had kids (15-17?) try to break into my house a week or 2 ago, at 9:45AM on a Tuesday morning when I stepped out to go to the post office. They tripped the alarm before they could get anywhere, though, and were scared off.



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