City Code Enforcement Audit “not surprising”

03/02/2010 4:36 PM by

Richmond Slumlord Watch reports that the City Auditor’s Office just released a report on their audit of the City’s Property Maintenance Code Enforcement Division (PDF) and says that “the results are not surprising, nor are they entirely encouraging”:

In light of issues that have been highlighted on this blog in the past (vacant City-owned property, vacant houses that are not included on the vacant property registry), the report is refreshingly candid, both acknowledging shortcomings in the department and offering practical recommendations for improvement.

Selected pieces from the report (PDF):

The above maps depict that areas of high code violations have a higher number of crime incidences. Based on the above results and the broken window theory, there appears to be a correlation between code violations and crime. In addition to making the City aesthetically unacceptable, blight caused by unaddressed code violations may be a factor in encouraging criminal elements. However, the effect that code violations have on crime cannot be quantified.



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