2009 East End homicides lowest in recent memory

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According to our count, there were only 9 people killed by other people in the East End over the past year (down from 12 in 2008 and a recent high of 27 in 2004). No one has been killed in the East End since early August; this stretch of 145 days is likely the longest in at least a decade.

The East End, home to 4 of the 6 large public housing projects and long notorious as for crime and violence, had only 9 of the city’s 39 murders in 2009.

A 3-block stretch of Whitcomb Court was the scene of 2 of 2009’s fatal shootings, including the high-profile killing of a Chinese food delivery man. Fairfield Court caught 2 killings this year, in February and the last of the year in August. This marks the 2nd year in a row that both the Fulton area and Mosby Court have not seen street violence lead to a killing (though not for lack of trying). There were no homicides in Creighton Court in 2009.

Last year 9 of the 12 killings came in the first 6 months of the year. This year 7 of the 9 took place before July, and there have been no killings since August.

9 2009
12 2008
13 2007
23 2006
24 2005
27 2004
24 2003
16 2002
15 2001
19 2000

Though arrest has been made in each of the nine incidents, no one has been convicted of any of the killings. Of the 11 people arrested, 7 have either been acquitted of the killing, the prosecution entered Nolle Prosequi on the charges, or a mistrial was declared (via General District Courts and Circuit Court Case Information). The Office of the Commonwealth Attorney reports that all but one of the arrestees are still locked up on other charges, though — which appear to combinations of drug and weapons possession, for the most part on top of other prior convictions.

East End Homicides 2009

  1. David Boyd
    Murder on T Street (1/5/09)
    Chocolate Lewis was arrested charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder (Nolle Prosequi). Chavon Rogers was also charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder, though it does not appear that this went to court.
  2. Orlando Alston
    Fatal shooting on Phaup Street (2/28/09)
    Brandon Jefferson was arrested and charged with Conspiracy to Commit Murder (acquitted 9/16). Vernon Thomas was Nolle Prosequi on the Murder, but did get sentenced to 5 years for Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon.
  3. Walter Page
    Murder in Whitcomb (3/23/09)
    Tormon Mack was arrested and charged with Murder (acquitted 11/5/09); he was charged but not convicted of Attempted Murder in August of 2003. Mack has a jury trial coming up in April for Possession of Cocaine with Intent to Distribute and for Revocation of parole.
  4. Jamall Holman
    Shooting at 21st and Leigh (4/22/09)
    Eric Driver was arrested and charged with Murder-2nd Degree. Goes to trial at the end of January.
  5. Franklin Baker
    Reports of a body on Melton Avenue (5/5/09)
    Tavaris Williams was arrested and charged with Murder-1st Degree (Nolle Prosequi).
  6. Thomas Scott
    Murder on 31st Street (5/13/09)
    Anthony Singleton was arrested and charged with Murder-1st Degree. This case went to a jury trial, in which a mistrial was decared on 10/16/2009.
  7. D’Sean Williams
    Richmond Police Investigating Toddler’s Death in Montrose Heights (GFN 6/2/09)
    Ashley Williams was arrested and charged with Murder-2nd Degree and Child Neglect. Goes to jury trial 01/20/2010.
  8. Qian Huang
    Murder on Whitcomb Street (7/28/09)
    Tobias Young was arrested and charged with Murder, Use of Firearm to Commit a Felony, and Attempted Robbery. This is still in the courts, no trial date set yet.
  9. Leeshaun Bynum
    Murder on Rosetta Street (8/10/09)
    Ardie Flowers was arrested and charged with Voluntary Manslaughter and Unlawful Wounding. Goes to trial at the end of March.




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