An open letter to our representatives

11/02/2009 12:33 AM by

To whomever gets elected tomorrow to serve as our new City Council representative, our 2 representatives in the House of Delegate, State Senator, School Board representative, et al: here are some suggestions…

  • I would like to see elected officials that can communicate with the public. Open up a direct channel of communication with your constituents.
  • Email is cheap and quick, take advantage of that.
  • Start a blog, post something once a week describing what’s going on.
  • Let us know about meetings before they happen.
  • Let us know about things that you are going to vote on before they come up.
  • Show up at public meetings *after* you’re elected. If we only see you on National Night Out, you’re not doing it right.

That’s my piece. Anybody else want to add something?

(&if you’re a candidate, please don’t chime in that you’ll do all of these things, just pay attention please)



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