Beware of suspicious solicitors

08/28/2009 10:38 AM by

In northside they are pretending to be from the elementary school, around here they are selling magazine subscriptions:

Last night at around 6:30 pm on the 2200 block of Grace St. a black man in his early twenties rang our doorbell. He was wearing a white button down shirt. My girlfriend answered and he proceeded to go into the following spiel, punctuated with lots of questions about the neighborhood and my girlfriend: “I am here to work on my people skills. How am I doing? This is my first job, What was your first job? I’ve been talking to your neighbors, (proceeds to rattle off list of names). What’s your name?”. Finally my girlfriend (who has the patience of a saint) asks this guy if he is selling anything. he tells her he is selling magazine subscriptions. When she tells him she doesn’t have time to read magazines, he says the subscriptions can be donated to charities like the Ronald McDonald house. Finally she tells him she doesn’t have any money and closes the door.

A little unnerving but not a big deal, right? Unfortunately, about an hour later the doorbell rings again and when I look out the window I see two young men, same white shirts, obviously selling the same “magazine subscriptions”. I shooed them away and then saw them go to my neighbors door with the same pitch.



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