Lawrence to skate once again?

07/16/2009 2:11 PM by

Notorious slumlord Oliver Lawrence, due in court this afternoon on over 30 charges related to property maintenance from as far back as November 2008, showed once again without a lawyer and will likely be getting yet another continuation.

When called before the judge, Lawrence claimed (under oath) that his lawyer, Fred Dixon, had an emergency with another case and could not make it. A half-hour after the beginning of the session, nothing official had been received from the lawyer. Judge Cheek was not inclined to move forward without a lawyer present, and it looks like everything will be rescheduled for a date in August.

Lawrence also alleged that he is in the process of selling “all of [his] properties in Central Virginia”. Court observers described claiming potential sale as a common way of attempting to defer heat. The judge was nonplussed and stayed the course on trying to figure out what might’ve happened to Lawrence’s legal representation.

To buy some some time and to turn up the heat on Lawrence, officers served him 152 show cause violations on offenses that he had promised before to take care of but has not. There are hefty fines associated originally associated with these violation that were suspended on Lawrence’s promises.

As of early this afternoon, Lawrence was still in the process of being served. Most present did not expect Lawrence’s lawyer to arrive, though the prosecuting attorney Lukanuski volunteered that he was “prepared to wait as long as necessary”.

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