Stormwater Assessments are making the rounds

06/17/2009 6:25 AM by

Got your new-for-2009 Stormwater Assessment statement yet? Like it says, THIS IS NOT A BILL, but is perhaps your introduction to the new Stormwater Utility Fee:

Just like water, sewer, gas, and other vital utility services, users are charged a fee for the service of controlling stormwater. The stormwater management fee would apply to all developed properties, including homes, businesses, and non-profit organizations. These fees would be a dedicated revenue stream, which would be restricted for use only on stormwater system maintenance and operations of stormwater management devices, for stormwater systems planning and construction.

The city site includes an informative (if not also frustrating) set of Frequently Asked Questions. Interestingly, the city also links to How to Build a Rain Barrel, even though there is no provision for credits or fee reductions if you take steps to reduce the runoff from your property. [via]



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