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06/14/2009 2:10 PM by

An idea first put forth in November, I’ve revamped the Assignment Desk and would really love to have folks: 1) Suggest stories that are being missed, 2) Be the journalist and help cover the really local news.

Since the initial experiment in November, I’ve been super impressed by Silver Persinger’s coverage of local government at the Richmond City Council Reporter & Telegraph and the Daniel Farrell’s video reporting (for example). They are each doing interesting work with video; you can help get the news with a video camera, a still camera, or a paragraph or 2.

I’ve got a still camera and a video camera that you can borrow to cover an assignment. I’ll also be glad to help out and answer any questions that you might have. Also, if you’d like to tag along and see how this might work, we can try that, too. Lets get a dialogue going and see how you can get involved.

Volunteer to cover an assignment, suggest a story, or add an event to the calendar.

Assignment Desk


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