More Richmond demographics maps

02/07/2009 7:23 PM by


In a follow-up to this post (with maps showing Percent African-American and Estimated Average Household Income for Richmond), we were emailed a set of maps (PDF) showing:

  • Intentional Injury Visits of Richmond City Youth to VCU Health System Emergency Department
  • Intentional Injury Deaths by Zip Code of Decedent’s Residence
  • Homicides 2000-2003, Richmond, VA
  • Pediatric Emergency Transports for 2003, Richmond, Virginia
  • 2002 Resident Live Teen Births Ages 10-19 by Zip Code
  • Intentional and Unintentional Injury Deaths, RRHA Family Housing Properties 10-24 Year Olds, 1999-2001
  • RAA Violent Injury Pick-ups & MCV ED Violent Injury Rates by Zip Code, Ages 0-19

Download the maps (PDF).



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