this is probably not about Ronald Bond

10/29/2008 6:58 AM by

A recent reader submission:

Recently, on East Franklin Street, campaign posters are being torn down and thrown into storm drains. We are proud of our candidate and have high hopes for him, and we are sure you feel the same way about yours. What we don’t understand is why it is necessary for some supporters to trespass on our property and vandalize our house. Is this merely to prove a point? If so it’s really not a good message to send.

We are cordially requesting our neighbors not behave in such an uncivilized manner. We respect your right to choose whom to vote for, please respect ours. Regardless of political affiliation, we have more right to display our support than you have to enter our yard uninvited and remove our property. Thank you, we are

Very truly yours,
Your neighbors on East Franklin Street



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