perhaps the Urban Forestry Division should consider a new name

10/05/2008 8:31 PM by

North Richmond News has the skinny on a piece of legislation proposed by the Urban Forestry Division of the City of Richmond that is heading to the city’s planning commission on Monday, Oct.20, at 1:30PM. The ordinance states that:

  1. No tree shall be planted at least 25 feet from street intersections and at least 10 feet from alleys.
  2. No tree shall be planted closer than 10 feet to a utility pole.

Information received about the impact of this ordinance on the Fan District should be of interest to all city property owners. According to Fan resident Calder Loth, the Fan District has 359 tree wells that are within 10 feet of an alley, of which currently 83 of these tree wells are empty and could not be filled. If this ordinance is passed, the 276 existing trees will not be replanted if they die. The Fan has 125 intersections, each has the potential for 8 trees each. That’s one thousand trees around intersections in the Fan that would thus be banned.

The meeting is open to the public.



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