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Today marks the 4th anniversary of our first post. Since then we’ve had 1,454 posts, 10,560+ comments, and ever-increasing community participation. A big thanks to all of you that send in stories, share in the comments, or just hang back and take it all in.

My initial idea of CHPN is still reflected on the About Us page:

chpn is not a newspaper or magazine. We are a neighborhood news blog, a grass-roots publication with no staff reporters or editors. We are dependent on readers and contributors for all of our content.

chpn is a volunteer effort. If you are interested in helping in any capacity, please contact us. We need reporters, photographers, and community contact liaisons. We would especially like to find someone to report on events at the local schools, and would be delighted to hear from representatives of the local civic organizations. This is a chance to share your insights, knowledge, and opinions.

From this foundation, I am heartened to see that the community participating in the site continues to grow and more genuinely reflect the whole of the area. As new issues come up that touch on our schools, redevelopment, crime, the election, or any of the other areas that can elicit so much passion, it benefits us all to be able to see what kinds of ideas are floating around in the community and to identify our common ground.

Remember that if you know of something cool or worth sharing to please drop me line. If something is going on in your block or your community and you don’t see any mention of it here, it is not because you are being ignored or left out but that I just don’t know about it.

Somehow we’ve made all of this look fun, too (or at least entertaining). In the past year, the basic idea of chpn has been transferred to a number of other parts of Richmond as Near West End News, Oregon Hill, River District News, Greater Fulton News, Monroe Ward, and Chesterfield Daily have all gone live. From this, the only logical next step was the community blog aggregator RVA News. Rumor has at least one more community blog in the works…



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