07/26/2008 2:51 PM by

A pack of 6 skunks (or “polecats”), one all white, has been reported around the north end of 33rd Street. Be careful.

Not all skunks are black with a white stripe down their back either. There are all white skunks, white skunks with black stripes down their backs and even skunks with patches of white and black all over their bodies. They have very cute little faces with short snouts. Skunks can live an average of about 8-12 years as pets and about 3-4 years in the wild. They weigh an average of 6-9 pounds, but these can all very.

Skunks eat fruits, vegetables, some meat and just about anything else they can get a hold of. The are thieves and they are probably the ones responsible for getting into your garbage cans at night to see what left overs are good (either that or raccoons). Despite the fact that they may occasionally get into your garbage can and make a mess of your yard, they actually can help you by eating mice, beetles, rats, moles and other household pests.




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