a lack of community spirit

07/18/2008 5:44 PM by

The house at 2109 Fairmount Avenue is for sale by an absentee owner, Belinda Bentley, and has been on the market for some time. The realtor is the Chesterfield-based MAP Investments & Realty. Neither seem to care that the house sits vacant and the yard has grown wild this summer.

I was struck by the condition of the yard at 2109 Fairmount Avenue today while passing out flyers for the New Visions Civic Association meeting tomorrow. In community-oriented frame of mind, I called the number the for sale sign out front, a company called MAP Investments & Realty.

It was, I believe, Marvin Harris, one of the owners of MAP Investments & Realty, that answered the phone. I explained that the yard looked like it hadn’t been cut all summer, and that as a neighbor I was hoping that something could be done about this. He then explained that he’d tried to get the owner to take action, but that she won’t, and that he won’t arrange to have the yard cut because “she won’t pay for it”. He then suggested that I call the city.

I in turn explained to Mr.Harris that there was already a violation notice from the city posted on the front door, and that the city was unlikely to take timely action rectifying the problem. His response was that he had a call on the other line and hung up on me.

A few things linger with me… The house is listed at $112,950. A sale will clear the realtor at least $3,000, right? And he can’t drop $20 to have the grass cut? Very nice, Mr.Harris.

Also, MAP Investments & Realty seem to represent a great number properties in the neighborhood. Are the rest of their properties as poorly maintained as this?



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