Towards a certain level of discourse

05/27/2008 8:02 AM by

As we head into summer and towards the elections and everything else, I’d like to urge everyone to remember that we are all neighbors here. I do not want to in any way stifle discussion or disagreement, but I would like to put forth the call for civil commentary in lieu of personal attacks or negative sniping.

A reminder as well from our Use Policy:

Anonymous comments are ok and useful, if not abused. They work best, in the context of this site, if you limit yourself to as few pseudonyms as necessary. There are anonymous folks that post quite frequently, but as a reader I have a sense of what they are all about because they regularly use the same pseudonym. As a follow-up to that, posting bunches of comments under multiple names in the same discussion is confusing. Please do not abuse the ability to post anonymously.

Very spiteful comments, if posted completely anonymously and lacking other merit, might be deleted. By “completely anonymously” I mean using a fake name AND providing a fake email address.

Attempting to pretend to be someone else, ie posting a comment as Doug Wilder or Delores McQuinn or one of the other folks that comments here regularly is a no-no.

The first time that you post a comment from a given name/email/ip address combination, it will flagged for approval. Ditto if you include links in your comment. This is to weed out the automated spam comments that keep trying to slip through.



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