Seventh District Meeting @ Mt.Carmel

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Seventh District Representative and Council VP Delores McQuinn hosted a lively but sparsely attended meeting this morning at Mt.Carmel Baptist Church. Kristen Heckman and Pam Jones of Fulton Hill Properties gave an update on the proposed Oakwood Heights development, McQuinn gave updates on some upcoming events, and the community voiced concerns and shared information.

Oakwood Heights

First up were Kristen Heckman and Pam Jones of Fulton Hill Properties speaking on the proposed Oakwood Heights development. The project has been put into the hands of new architects out of Charlottesville, Hays and Ewing. The speakers presented a description of their rough working design, the final version of which should be ready by June.

Hechman offers that the redesign aims to address the concerns of the neighborhood. In contrast to the earlier proposal, the new design does not require a retaining wall and so less disturbs the site. There will be a public plaza at end of alley at bluff. Parking is still contained within project, but the traffic flow should now be more consistent with that of a typical city block. The site will incorporate rain gardens and storm water management towards being self-sustaining.

The plan is still at the same density, just over 30 units. In addition, FHP would still like to move the house at 3626 East Broad Street, calling it “not structurally sound”. Representatives from the community voiced concerns about the compatability and density of the project.

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Other Issues / Upcoming

  • BHC wants to develop at Beckstoffer’s. A community meeting on this will be announced soon.
  • Master Gardening programming at EDI. To help residents. To be voted on in the next couple of weeks. There will be 50 slots available. “Will be a model for the city.”
  • Rezoning Thur May 22nd @ EDI 6PM, Dept. of Comunity Development. Present zoning allows for development not consistent with master plan.
  • Lumpkins Slave Jail 2nd Phase – June 3 10:30AM

Community Concerns

  • It sounds like there are some hellacious little kids running around 35rd Street, throwing rocks at peoples’ dogs and at older ladies’ doors.
  • McQinn: “I am not in support of closing Bellevue. I am a supportor of community schools.”
  • Folks are saying that the Mt.Carmel Baptist Church building is for sale for $1.5-2.5 million.
  • There used to be community events in Chimborazo Park like gospel choirs. What can we do to bring back more comunity events?
  • Utilities don’t seem to be properly fixing the roads that they tear up.




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