Neighbor vs neighbor

04/14/2008 5:00 PM by

In response to renewed interest in both 401 North 27th Street and the apparently stalled Church Hill Market, I went out on Sunday to get more recent photos of each. While out, I ran into a woman claiming to own one of the other empty commercial properties at 27th and Marshall Streets; she would not give me her name, but according to the city property records that would make her Sandra Murray (and thus sister to Patrick Murray, the owner of 401).

The woman was prickly about any ongoing discussion of the condition of the buildings. Blaming the meddling of neighbors for the current status of the former laundry at 401 North 27th Street, she said that except for their interference “the building would have been finished two years ago”. When asked if the building was in danger of being demolished, she said that while the city was not going to take down the building, that the owner himself might have it taken down.

I don’t want to step into this too deep, I don’t know enough of the story to really understand what is going on here. All I can say is that, as a resident of the general area, it pains me to see the neighborhood’s architectural heritage falling into rubble whether it is this prominent and historic commercial building or a forgotten little house hard up against the projects.



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