Wilder threatens to cut trash pickup; 7th District meeting set for Monday

03/29/2008 10:04 PM by

Councilwoman McQuinn will hold a Community Meeting on Monday, March 31st at 1:00PM at the East District Center to discuss a threat by Mayor Wilder to cut trash pickup if city council reduces the real estate tax rate.

From a press release from City Council:

Council members Ellen F. Robertson, Delores L. McQuinn, and Christopher A. Hilbert call Mayor Doug Wilder’s suggested threats to cut trash pick-up and delivery of public services, which could include police response, firefighters and ambulance services, tired.

“I think his tactics are getting tired, have been played out one too many times and are backfiring on him,” says McQuinn. “Because of tactics like this, citizens and businesses are increasingly realizing how important it is to have Council members who are willing to stand up and protect them from such threats and abuse.”

“It is shameful that he would threaten to endanger the health and safety of our families and businesses like this,” says Robertson. “Last year during the budget he was threatening our seniors and people with disabilities with canceling their tax abatements. Now, he is threatening families and business owners in entire districts; this is a perfect example how important a role Council plays in providing a balanced government that will protect our citizens against such abuse.”

“Council is committed to services being delivered fairly to all districts,” says McQuinn. “It seems like the Mayor is trying to take us back in time to the failed-politics of the past where threats and disenfranchisement ran rampant. We want to move forward and at one time we thought he would lead the way. Now it is clear he is standing in the way.”

“Regrettable, simply regrettable,” says Hilbert.




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