a waste of manpower and focus

02/07/2008 8:36 AM by

There are few constant complaints in certain areas around here — loitering, public drinking, prostitution, a few drug corners here and there, gun violence. I can see the prosties and dealers from my front porch or walking to school on any given day. One of the police responses to these complaints is that they only have so many guys that they can put on the street a given time. With that in mind: I got a ticket this morning on Venable for having an expired inspection sticker, and it took 2 officers to do it. THIS is the crime that they can find on Venable? I feel safer already…

I’ve got the forum here and I’ve call this for the bullshit that it is. There is plenty of real police work to be done around here; nitpicky traffic violations are not it.



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