tales from Haunted Richmond

01/20/2008 2:00 AM by

Pamela Kinney has posted an excerpt from the chapter Train Under the Hill from her recent book of ghost tales Haunted Richmond.

Questions and legends abound about this even today. Are the two black laborers still buried in that tunnel? And were they wrong, and more than four people were killed in the disaster? Many survivors reported that several other laborers had just been taken in for that day’s work. How many people were unaccounted for in reality? The place was filled with sand; the two entrances are sealed off and hidden behind a growth of trees and vines.

A legend that connected it to the “Vampire” of Hollywood Cemetery came about when the one man who had survived was taken later to a hospital. Having gotten mixed up in the vampire legend as being some kind of fiend that dug his way out of the tunnel, it was said that he ran all the way back to the mausoleum where he, the vampire, was buried, while being pursued by an angry mob.

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