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The first public hearing on the recently released updated Downtown Master Plan will be Monday, Dec.3rd at 6:30PM at the City Planning Commission meeting in the 5th floor conference room in City Hall. Backers of this vision of Richmond’s future are urging citizens to turn out to show their support for the plan.

I’ve received a few forwarded emails on this, here are slightly edited versions of the messages:

This is our strongest opportunity to speak out in favor of the 7 principles of the master plan. Developers, VCU and other state entities are opposed to the plan and they will be there with their big guns; this is OUR shot at taking back OUR city, to point out to the powers that be that this is the peoples’ vision for our city, a vision built out of committment and dedication. I was amazed at how many people showed up and participated in this process.

Bring a friend and be prepared to speak. It is our opportunity to let the leadership know our vision for our city. It is time that they hear from us how important the river and its natural beauty are to this city and that it is our historic buildings and urban landscape that make us special.


The City of Richmond released the updated Downtown Master Plan on Monday 11/17 during an informal work session of the Planning Commission. The Master Plan represents Richmond’s future, and we hope we can count on your assistance in getting it approved. Here’s what you can do to help:

  1. Take a look at the updated Master Plan online.
  2. Take note if you approve of any of the plan’s recommendations.

    For example, the plan recommends a riverfront park along the James below Libby Hill Park in order to preserve the historic panoramic viewshed. The plan also stresses the value of our historic buildings in order to preserve the community character of “Virginia’s Downtown” (and supports the idea of an Architect of the Commonwealth state-level position to help make recommendations for state-owned structures). Other good ideas include a street tree campaign to increase Richmond’s tree canopy, as well as showcasing the James River and its environs as our “great, wet Central Park.” All of these ideas would contribute to a stronger, richer Downtown.

  3. If you’re in favor of particular elements of the plan (or the plan as a whole), please send an email message of support to Brooke Hardin in the City’s Community Development department at
  4. If you are able to show your support in person, please attend the first public hearing on the plan at the City Planning Commission meeting on Monday, December 3, 2007 at 6:30 pm in the 5th floor conference room in City Hall.

    The more participation, the better. Above all, remember that the vision presented here reflects what the consultants heard from the general public at the weeklong planning process in July of this year. This is still very much a draft, and your input is very important. Planning Commission — and the Richmond City Council — will want to hear from you.



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