SWATs going on?

10/30/2007 6:35 AM by

Yesterday a contingent of State Police SWAT officers descended upon 2319 M Street (the white house with green trim, SW corner of 24th and M Streets), a location long alleged to be an open air drug market.

One neighbor says that “there is a lot of drug activity going on at and around this corner, and a high amount of foot traffic in and out of the house. We see drug dealers driving around the area and making deals constantly.”

The officers, wearing bullet-proof vests, hit the house at about noon. Apparently the people they were looking for were not at the house. The officers were talking to anyone who was out and about in the vicinity.

The officers are seeking any information you might have about the individuals who visit the home, “live” there and folks who might be using it as their mailing address. Since the police made their visit during normal working hours, most of the folks who might be willing to talk were at work.

Please contact Special Agent J. T. Worley, Jr. if you have any information about the activity and inhabitants at 2319 M Street. Phone 804-553-3470 cell 804-840-8326.



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