This persistent criticism

09/12/2007 5:03 PM by

The Reverend Benjamin Campbell, pastoral director of Richmond Hill, has an opinion piece The Long Shadow of Segregation in this week’s Style Weekly about the importance of embracing the Richmond Public Schools.


Here’s the data: The Richmond Public Schools are still “fair game.” No other institution in metropolitan Richmond is treated with such free criticism in the press and public conversation. No other group of hard-working, self-giving people is talked about with such indifference. No other group of hardworking, experienced people is so often accused of being incompetent.

The schools are blamed for the sins of the entire metropolitan area. They are called too costly, inefficient and ineffective, then forced to cut staff and services in ways that informed parties know are dangerous and increase failure. Then the cycle repeats; they are called too costly, inefficient and ineffective and again cut.

Yet no other public institution in metropolitan Richmond has made such extraordinary strides in the last five years. No other institution in metropolitan Richmond, public or private, is working as hard to make right what isn’t right here.




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