Robberies rising?

08/08/2007 7:17 AM by

A post on MySpace is reporting an armed robbery last night on 24th Street “in the direction of The Market” in which “two guys, one very dark skinned black, heavy set, wearing a black and white striped shirt, the other skinnier, and lighter skinned, possibly latino, pushed me down, demanded my money, and tried to assault me.”

A follow-up on that same page details 3 other robberies in the area recently:

According to the Richmond Police Department site, this makes it the fourth robbery in the area in about a week. Here are the other three:

8/4/07 3:45 a.m.
2111 E. Marshall St.
A male said he was assaulted and robbed by an unknown black male.

8/3/07 1:23 a.m.
2411 E. Franklin St.
A male said he was assaulted by an unknown black male who tried to rob him.

7/30/07 2:45 p.m.
500 N. 30th St.
A male said he was robbed by two unknown black males with a gun.

I’ve updated the crime map to show robberies in yellow, to make them more apparent, though that data is always a few days behind.




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