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House fire on 28th Street

A house fire early this morning in the upstairs apartment of the storefront building at 600 North 28th Street has displaced a woman and 2 children.

From a neighbor down the street from the fire:

According to the resident, the wiring in the house was faulty and there were no smoke alarms. She said that she was lucky that she wasn’t asleep at the time or she may not have gotten herself or her children to safety.

As I have said earlier in another post, and in an editorial to the RTD, there is a great need for rental inspection programs in the city of Richmond. People are dying in this city and other municipalities because of poorly maintained properties, and no smoke detectors. I can’t see how anyone could dispute this. If any of you had seen all of this tonight you would never second guess such a program!

Our neighbors have lost everything. They are without their belongings or a home. Jim and I have started a fund for Shanta and her children. If you are interested in donating, please contact us, Jim & Laura Daab at 649-1913 or


J. C. 07/18/2007 at 11:03 AM

Please be aware, and let anyone you speak to know, that the Richmond Fire Department will give out smoke detectors to any resident, whether the house is a rental or not.
While landlords have a responsibility to make sure their properties are safe, there is no reason a renter can’t be proactive and make a call to get a smoke detector, particularly with children in the house.

John M 07/18/2007 at 11:10 AM

The geographically-challenged nbc12 has the story now, too, in South Richmond fire causes extensive damage.

tim 07/18/2007 at 11:13 AM

Holy crap, that’s a block behind us and I didn’t hear a thing! I’m glad everyone got out okay.

BGW 07/18/2007 at 1:00 PM

That’s diagonally across the corner from my old place. That building always struck me as being on the verge of either burning down or falling over. Goddamn slumlords.

And I too really wish Channel 12 would get the whole N/S vs. W/E numbered streets thing straight. I mean, if I can figure it out…

HB 07/18/2007 at 3:12 PM

Not that a fire is deserved but am I the only one who saw some sketchy things/people going on in or around that building?

BGW 07/18/2007 at 7:03 PM

I haven’t lived up there for a year now, but I never noticed anything sketchy going on. A couple doors down on Leigh, on the other hand…

governmentheretohelpyou 07/18/2007 at 11:59 PM

I think inspectors should come to every home and make sure they are up to code, not just rental property. The government inspectors should do regular inspections, announced and unannounced to make sure everyone has smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, safe wiring, no chipping paint and up to date appliances. People are dying, not just in rental properties but in private homes. The government needs to be more involved in our lives and oversee what we are doing. Tenants and private owners are unable to look out for their own interests. The Government inspectors need to step in and make sure we are safe. Despite current landlord/tenant laws and Building Code standards, there is a need for another layer of government. Not just to protect tenants, but to protect all of us. The additional tax dollars at the expense of improving our schools and fighting crime is worth it. What we need is more government inspectors to protect us. Forget that smoke detectors are free.
Forget that parents have knowingly put their children in harms way. Forget that we are a country built on individual freedom and personal responsibility. Invite the government inspector into your home to make sure you are safe and sound. I dont know how anyone could disagree with this line of thinking.

thepinch 07/19/2007 at 8:34 AM

true true along with the list the should come by and make sure no ones overeating cause well thts bad for you too. they should stay and watch us eat our fruits nd veggies nd confiscaate twinkies and soda. perhps random drug and alcohol test, tobacco too well cause they can kill you or worse yet someone else. we should hve cameras in our house so the can make sure we arent having kids out of wedlock or even worse having a gay relationship. kids should work other thn school. school is a big waste of time. ignornce is bliss. motorcyles are dangerous. we should all hve to walk everywhere or tke a bus cause well air pollution is bd for us but we as people just dont seem to care. two people were hit by crs yeterday. people are dying folks. they should come take our microwaves, our lawn fertiliers our hairsprays, our heaadphones cause listening to music to loud can led to hearing loss. firearms should be tken way from people so the goverment hs them all. cause we cant be trusted with them. we should all hve mindless tskd to do insted of jobs cuse they re less stressful. and s well all know stress is very bad for you. to bad we dont know whts good for us. so i guess what i m saying is yes i think thats a great idea. please tell me how to live goverment. it would be a beautiful world if noone thought for themselves. we should all be just what mr bush wants us to be. or the next elected idiot. who knows it may be you.

James 07/19/2007 at 9:46 AM

“The government needs to be more involved in our lives and oversee what we are doing”


John M 07/19/2007 at 9:49 AM

Y’all know that the comment by governmentheretohelpyou is satire, in response to the idea of rental inspection program, right?

thepinch 07/19/2007 at 9:59 AM

yes john i thought that was how it was written. i wasnt sure so i tried to be sarcstic myself, in hopes of staying with the theme. his nme is what mde me think he was kidding but you do never know. i must apologize for my typos though. usually if you insert an a into the mispelled word it will make sense. sometimes the a button dont work so good.

ann 07/19/2007 at 10:29 AM

The post from ‘governmentheretohelpyou’ is satire that is too nearly true to be funny. Ouch….buckle your seat belt, and never say ‘bomb’ on your cell phone.

thepinch 07/19/2007 at 11:11 AM

so what govermentheretohelp said is actully a possibility. maybe with tenants but surely not for homeowners????

hmmm 07/19/2007 at 11:30 AM

I’m really appalled that you all can be so smug, cute and sarcastic when someone has had such a tragedy happen to them.

Regardless of what you think of a rental inspection program, none of you, and I mean none of you a–holes ever stopped to comment about this woman’s and her children’s tragedy!

To the pinch:
How can you expect respect (You said you were insulted in another thread) and then treat this situation so cavalier?

Just another sarcastic remark, as usual from you. Especially if it’s attached to a comment by Ms. Daab. What’s up your nose about her?

As for anonymous gov’t person – shame on you, period.

Honestly, I’m ashamed to call you people my neighbors right now.

None of you have probably even offered to help this woman out. You’d rather sit around in your sh_t stained underwear and b-tch about everything.

Laura 07/19/2007 at 12:14 PM

Hi All:

We are now squared away with how to donate.

Shanta has contacted us. She has been in social service lines the past few days. She’s staying at a local hotel that the Red Cross set her up in.

Donations are now being accepted. We are accepting household items of any kind. Her children are young, so board games or any other toys for kids 5 or 6 years old would be great. Anything she can’t use we’ll donate. Make all checks out to “Shanta Jones.” All toys and household donations, cash and checks can be dropped off or mailed to:

Laura & Jim Daab
505 North 28th Street
Richmond, VA 23223

Here’s our other contact info:

H; 804-649-1913
W: 804-649-2583
Fax: 804-649-7419

Jim forgot to ask her clothing size and the clothing size of her children, so we’ll let you know that shortly.

Again, thank-you all for your generosity and caring!


thepinch 07/19/2007 at 12:44 PM

yes hmm i am not sure i follow how i was cavlier. not even so sure i truely know wht that word is supposed to say. i apologize for my ignorance, but i never commented on the lady who lost her house. perhaps i should have but all i really can sy is that i aam sorry it happened. i dont live close to there although at one point i did and i am not in any position to help finacially. i merely responded to a post( off topic as it was ) in the same manner it was presented. in jest. I am ignorant of this rental program that haas since been brought up. so if thats a sensitive issue for you i am sorry but to me it seemed like a ridiculus post. if this alone hs disrespected you i apologie cause it wasnt my agenda to offend. if it was something else put me in check on that issue. we all pick and choose to help when we can and where we cn but to blow off someone when all they said was hello is inexcusable in my eyes. such a simple thing to do. one word.
peace out

ann 07/19/2007 at 1:12 PM

‘hmmm’ – sarcastic, yes. Cute, no.

thepinch 07/19/2007 at 3:08 PM

hmmm,,, i feel i must say that there are several posts about fires happening in churchill frequently. this is the first one ive seen anyone offer to help the victims of the fire. the only one really even commented on was bout store in my neighborhood burning nd how happy people are that it did. i commend the daabs for looking out for their neighbors.

observing 07/19/2007 at 3:54 PM

It is unfortunate that Shanta and her children have to suffer the loss of home and possessions, but it seems the Daabs and the Red Cross have them well on their way back to a normal life. Though it seems opportunitistic that Mrs.Daab would use Shanta’s displacement as reason to further push the rental inspection issue instead of just offering help and support. Support that was not offered to victims of previous fires. Although I can understand that this fire literally happened “close to home” thus inspiring the sympathy it deserves.

As far as taking swipes at Mrs. Daab, note the tone of her postings on previous threads regarding landlord licensing and Chuchill old & historic(those before the Defender’s slanderous printing). Previously the tone was harsh and combative, now it is more compassionate and charitable.

Best wishes to Shanta and her family.

Just some observations….

thepinch 07/19/2007 at 4:56 PM

okay after reading some previous posts mentioned in this post. i see that i stepped into an old argument. im fairly new to this site and not fully caught up on gossip. i see now this is a sensitive issue. and i wsnt taking swipes aat this program.

rubberneck 07/19/2007 at 6:23 PM

After refraining from commenting here for quite a while, I feel I must step in. What the hell is wrong with you people? A woman and her children lose everything and are left homeless, another neighbor offers to organize help, and somehow that neighbor is demonized? PLEASE! I happen to know that the Daabs stood on the street at 2:30 AM and watched this woman’s home burn. How many of you would watch that and not want to help? I personally happen to think that incidents such as this do point out the need for rental inspections. But rental inspections is merely a side topic. A call for help was put out by a neighbor, and the self- righteous buttheads that frequent this site decide to judge that act. Why didn’t the Daabs raise funds for other fire victims? Who knows? Maybe because it didn’t happen on their street. Should they not have done this because they have never done it before? Did “observing” organize efforts for other housefire victims? “Observing” I don’t know how you can defend yourself. I know who you are. If you don’t like Ms. Daab, fine. But to question the motives an act of kindness, just because you don’t like someone is petty, and unforgivable.

Governmentheretohelpyou 07/20/2007 at 11:30 AM

(( I’ve deleted this comment at the request of a reader. If you are compelled to post a comment that can be construed as attacking/slandering/strongly criticizing someone, attach your real name to it and stand by what you say. I *really* *really* don’t want this to turn into a discussion about the deletion of comments, if you have a complaint please contact me directly — john m ))

hmmm 07/20/2007 at 12:39 PM

Isn’t this were “Grrrrr” says lets all go after her with pointy sticks? Or is this were we all just cringe and go wash the “ick” off?

Bill Conkle 10/03/2007 at 11:35 AM

Friends and Neighbors:

It is that time of year again. Whenever it gets cold, people try to stay warm.

Please scout out your neighbors and make sure they are aware that the City Department of Fire and Emergency Services offers free smoke detectors to City Residents. Call 646-1526 for more information.

This information is most important for older residents and folks with young children, although no one is safe when a fire breaks out.

Older folks may need help installing the smoke detectors, and others may need help installing detectors correctly. Let’s reach out to those who may be at risk.

Additionally, many vacant buildings burn when folks try to live in them during the winter months. Unsafe fireplaces catch fire or malfunctioning kerosene heaters explode. Report activity in vacant buildings and report buildings that are not secured properly.

Let’s survive the cold this winter. Peace.

shanta jones 06/08/2008 at 8:49 AM

I never knew this ever exist. When I read it, I cried. I would like to thank Laura and Jim Daabs also the rest of the community for everything they have done for me and my children, if it want for them I swear I don’t know what i would have done. Thanks again yall is the best. Shanta Jones

Harold Messler 06/13/2008 at 11:58 PM

I lived in the building at 600 North 28th street for many years.

My family ran a grocery store here in the 1940’s 50’s and 60’s. The name of the store was Purity Meat Market,but was called Minnie Max as this was the name of my parents.

I have great memories of the neighborhood in the 50’s and 60’s.

I attended Chimborozo and East End Jr. high schools.

I attended the East End Theater on Saturdays where the had the Roy Rogers Riders Club. (great western movies)

I am so sorry about the fire as I have great memories of this store.

But most important, I am glad no one was hurt. I wish the family the best.


jones 06/14/2008 at 5:59 PM

thanks harold we are doing just fine.the residents of churchhill help us alot


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