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05/26/2007 4:10 PM by

I’m not willing to let this site become a bastion of negativity and sarcasm. Your snarky annonymous comment may or may not be deleted.

I’m not anti-humor, but I don’t do this so that folks can hide behind a witty pseudonym and try to score points off of someone. I’m not against annonymous posting, either: I respect that folks have reasons to not want to always attach their names to things that they might feel compelled to say or share.

I’m not putting this out there to shut down anyone’s opinion on any given position or in response to anyone’s complaints. I’m saying this in response to comments by folks that may or may not be assholes (or something similar) that have negatively influenced the tone of dialogue here.

If you do not agree with this minor amount of moderation, you can always start your own site or instead comment via the unmoderated Church Hill Yahoo Group.




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